An Absolutely Delicous Simple and Healthy Meal

Boiled, crushed baby potatoes, with bruschetta mix, wild rocket, parma ham, parmasan and dressed in balsamic vinegar. Believe me it is tasty,filling and very pleasing to the taste buds.  It's also very simple to make and this whole plate was only 2 syns (1/2 syn per slice of parma ham). I first had similar to … Continue reading An Absolutely Delicous Simple and Healthy Meal

Slimming World Friendly Chicken Satay

I kept seeing a recipe for this on Slimming World facebook pages but then I googled full fat recipes and decided to make my own version. I thought mmmmm..... Satay should be creamy and quark doesn't make it creamy the way it should be. Then I found some syn free coconut yoghurts and thought bingo. … Continue reading Slimming World Friendly Chicken Satay