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Chai Latte Panacotta

A delicious low fat, sugar free dessert

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Slimming World Friendly Jollof Rice

A slimming world frinedly version of this tasty African rice dish.

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Nacho Cheese Sauce Style Macaroni Cheese

Slimming World Friendly Macaroni cheese with a twist. Try this easy tasty recipe for the whole family.

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Slimming World Friendly Chicken Korma

I really wanted a take away tonight but thought ‘NO get in the bloody kitchen’. I thought been a couple of weeks till I’ve made a recipe up. So thought I would give a Korma a bash. I found a Hairy bikers recipes and I changed it up to suit slimming World. I did over do it with the chilli powder but I will tone it with the ingredients for you. 😂 

It was very tasty and quite creamy, let’s face it you’ll never get a dieters korma quite like the Indians but my faithful tasters were very happy with the outcome. 


500g chicken 

4 garlic cloves (sliced) 

20g ginger (finely chopped) 

2 large onions (chopped) 

2 fat free coconut yoghurts 

1 fat free lemon yoghurt 

12 cardomon pods (seeds only and crush them) 

1 tbspn ground cumin

1 tbspn ground coriander 

1 level table spoon tumeric

1/2 tsp chilli powder

3 cloves

1 Bay leaf

1 tbspn plain flour

1 tbspn curry powder

Butter frylite

300ml cold water


Cut the chicken into pieces and mix with the coconut yoghurts and leave to marinade 30mins to 4 hours. 

Then in a pot on a medium heat and frylite add the onions, garlic and ginger. Cook till onions soften and become kind of translucent. 

Then add the coriander, cumin, curry powder, turmeric, chilli powder, cardamom seeds, bay leaf and remove the heads from the cloves and add (through away stems). Mix well and cook for 5 min. Continuously stir. 

Then add the flour mix it well. Slowly add the water and mix whilst doing so. Leave the sauce to cook for 5mins and the blitz it (I used my hand blender). Move the sauce to the side. 

In a frying pan spray the frylite and add the chicken. Cook on a low heat so not to cause the yoghurt to split. Then add the sauce and mix well. Put it on a medium heat and leave to cook whilst you cook your rice, etc. 

I served mine with rice and toasted wraps (was similar to chapati). Weight watchers wraps 1 is your healthy extra B so I only had to syn 1 of them. 

For the Korma itself works out to be 1/2 syn a portion due to the flour. This recipe does give you loads of sauce and I do love each my sauce. 


Coconut Brazilian Chicken

Delicious recipe for a taste of Brazil

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Slimming World Friendly Green Thai Chicken Curry

Delicious low syn recipe for Green Thai Chicken Curry

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An Absolutely Delicous Simple and Healthy Meal

Boiled, crushed baby potatoes, with bruschetta mix, wild rocket, parma ham, parmasan and dressed in balsamic vinegar. Believe me it is tasty,filling and very pleasing to the taste buds. 

It’s also very simple to make and this whole plate was only 2 syns (1/2 syn per slice of parma ham). I first had similar to this at I think it’s called ‘spud like’ and it is a fantastic alternative to a baked potato. 

I only altered it by removing the pine nuts that i got with it in the shop and then this time to bulk up the veg ‘speed food’ I added my own wee bruschetta mix. It’s packing with flavour and also balsamic vinegar because I love the stuff. 

What you need: 

Baby potatoes (salad potatoes)

Parma ham

Wild rocket

Parma san

Balsamic vinegar

Vine tomatoes

Garlic clove

Dried or fresh basil


So quite simply boil the potatoes with the skin on and when ready crush them. Scoop out some for the base and add some balsamic vinegar and parmasan. If like me your doing a healthy eating plan like Slimming World measure you cheese so you don’t affecr your weight loss.

Like I said I love balsamic vinegar…. 

Then add the wild rocket, parma ham and then I added my bruschetta mix and a sprinkle of parmasan. 

For the bruschetta I chopped up 2 vine tomotoes, chopped up 1 garlic clove and added this to the tomato with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, 1tsp dried basil (I didn’t have any fresh) and some salt to season. 

Really this is a great meal and you can have it for lunch or dinner. 


Slimming World Friendly Chicken Satay

I kept seeing a recipe for this on Slimming World facebook pages but then I googled full fat recipes and decided to make my own version. I thought mmmmm….. Satay should be creamy and quark doesn’t make it creamy the way it should be. Then I found some syn free coconut yoghurts and thought bingo.

I was not disappointed. There is also quite a lot of veg to add to the speed element of your meal. The whole lot worked out to be 12 syns but that was for 6 portions. So 2 syns for this dish is a major pleaser….


500g chicken breast

3 tblspn peanut butter

1 green bell pepper

1 red bell pepper

1 white onion

1 lime (juice only)

2 garlic cloves (crushed)

1 inch fresh ginger (crushed)

8 tblspn soy sauce

1 chicken oxo cube

1 muller light greek style coconut yoghurt

2 tsp mild curry powder

Coconut frylite

Salt to season


Chop all the chicken, add soy sauce, crushed garlic, crushed ginger, lime juice, curry powder, peanut butter, the chicken oxo cube and lime juice. Mix all ingredients well and if you have the time cover and put in the fridge to marinade for at least half an hour.

In the meantime chop the peppers and onion and in pot sprayed with coconut frylite add and cook till softened. Then you want to add the chicken and cook for around 10 minutes. Keep mixing it so it doesn’t stick to the pot. Add 1/2 pint water to the pot and leave to simmer.

Once ready turn the heat down and add the coconut yoghurt – mix in well and season to taste with salt. I’m not too sure about other satay recipes but this one does give you plenty sauce.

hey presto a fab low syn alternative to a takeaway favourite.

Chicken Egg Fried Rice with Mushy Pea Curry Sauce… Slimming World Friendly

Enjoy yourself an incredibly low syn tasty fakeaway.....

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Friday Night Fake Away – Chicken Hoagie

Oooft I do love a fake away. This is a Scottish favourite. It does have quite a few elements but it isn’t a difficult recipe. 

I won’t put how to cook the chips here, I do have another post with how I make my own chipshop version chips. 

Chicken ingredients: 

350g chicken breast

1 tsp Red food dye powder

1 tblspn Tikka seasoning

1 green bell pepper

5 large mushrooms



Cut the chicken into cubes, quarter the mushrooms and chop the pepper into quite big chunks. Mix in a bowl and sprat with some frylite then add the red food dye and tikka seasoning, mix it well. Add to a tray for the oven and spray with more frylite. Put in a pre heated oven (160°) for around 30 mins. 

Salad ingredients:
1/4 cabbage

1/2 white onion

3 vine tomatoes

1/2 cucumber

1 tsp mint sauce

Lemon juice



Thinly slice the onion, cabbage, tomato and cucumber. Salt the tomato and cucumber and mix with the onion and cabbage. Add the mint sauce and lemon juice and mix well. For the lemon juice I use fresh lemon juice in the bottle – I gave it a good squirt. 

For the kebab sauce there are two ways and will depend on how many syns you have left for the day. The best one is mixing tomato ketchup, mint sauce, a little chilli powder and a splash of milk – mix well. The sauce should be quite thick. It’s amazing…. This is how I made mine tonight.

A skinnier version is by mixing tomato puree, a splash of milk with mint sauce, a little chilli powder and a little sweetner. The exact amount is different for how many people and for your own preference. I would say play about. 

For the garlic mayo I used lighter than light mayo and added garlic granules. Again make it to your preference.

You want to plate your chips, top with some mozzerella cheese, then the cooked chicken and veg served with your salad and choice of sauce. 

The chips are free, the chicken is free with speed veg thrown in, the salad is 1/2 syn for the whole bowl and all speed veg, the cheese you can you your healthy extra A for the day and the sauce will be syn worthy depending on what you go for but it’s one hell of a fakeaway and not at all as bad for you in comparison to the real deal.

Tell you what tastes like the reall deal and this is a family pleaser…. Even with my teenage brother. He scoffed his.

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