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Falling Back into Bad Habits

via Daily Prompt: Overcome

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One thing about changing your habits is making it a life style change and not a ‘quick fix’. Even with a change in lifestyle it can be so easily to slip back into bad habits. Whether it’s the dark side of your conscience being far to devilishly appealing or it’s your emotional state that just doesn’t have enough willpower stored to keep you going. It happens to us all and I for one can put my hands and feet (and anything else up – that will stay up) to say I am terrible for this.

One thing I succumb to is the fear of failing. We put ourselves under so much pressure for vast number of reasons. We take blame when it’s not our fault. We allow ourselves to be overcome with other people’s expectations. Why do we do this to ourselves? Well we’re human, that’s why!!!!

I am a firm believer of ‘mind over matter’ and I have shown myself time and time again when I am in that frame of mind there is nothing that can stop me. Yet I allow myself to fall back into the same habits that I fought so hard to change.

Habits, whether good or bad, are repeated patterns of behavior that we do without conscious thought, says Jo Anne White, PhD, a life coach and professor at Temple University in Philadelphia. WebMD

Not only am I ridiculous for falling back into bad habits I am an absolute bitch to myself for it. Now I’m not a bitch to many people at all (I’m sure many of you will agree this is amazing for a hormonal woman) but yet I am so hard on myself. How do I overcome this?

As cliché and somewhat cheesy as this may be I look for the silver lining in everything. Sometimes it’s stepping back from that small problem and looking at the bigger picture.

I have an amazing husband, we have a lovely home, I have a great support network with my family and friends, I have a stable job, etc. 

Recently though I had a horrific few weeks where I found myself sitting on my couch and just crying and I just couldn’t find that bloody silver lining. Why? I just felt like I was failing at everything in my life; my weight-loss was stagnant, I was feeling over worked and under valued in a job I never thought I would be in, my husband and I are going through a very personal & brutal application process that felt like it was all coming down on me, I am still not pregnant and felt like I was failing my husband and everyone else always asking when am I having a baby, and loads of other small things. It being in this mood is ridiculous for me as one of my major bad habits that I automatically default too is not eating enough and when I do I eat rubbish. Comfort eating delicious crap to make myself feel good.

As I do I kept trying to fight through it and be my usual optimistic self. I mean I am normally the one telling others ‘look at what you have?’ but nothing I done pulled me back.

Then it came the realisation that I am one person and I expected TOO MUCH of myself. So I took a step back, created a ‘Vision Board’ of all the positive things I want to happen in my life. The Laws of Attraction is a powerful tool to have. So, I filled my board with my desires and it even has simple ones like new windows for our home, have a nice back garden, date night, a sonogram picture, etc. Right bang in the middle I have ‘DREAM IT, BELIEVE IT, BE IT’  Then I focused on one thing at a time -this was my driving test and I passed beginning of August. I then got to score off my ‘congratulations you’ve passed’ I have on my vision board. Mission accomplished. This was a massive pick me – all of a sudden I wasn’t so much of a failure. It offered me success but it also gave me freedom of not holding up in my house feeling sorry for myself and getting out and about.

You can see how to make your own vision board by clicking on this link:

So from this I have been taking one step at a time. Keeping a positive mind-set and when things do pull me down having a moan or a cry and getting straight back up.

If you are finding it hard to OVERCOME just remember you are only one person and even superhero’s have their kryptonite.


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