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Sorry I’ve been MIA

I have been so busy of late that I haven’t done any blog posts for a few weeks so thought I’d pop on and give you all an update so you know I haven’t abandoned myflabulousjourney. I am so pleased to see my blog grow and that even though I haven’t been active as I have been super busy my viewers and followers are growing at such an incredibly fast rate. It really does make me proud.

I asked at the end of July/ start of August for help to get my blog views in August up to 10,000 and I am so happy to say that was exceeded by nearly an additional 2,000 views. Wow just wow. August alone was a staggering 2,685 views (1,659 new visitors) and in comparison to 2016 where in a whole year my wee blog had a mere 355 views (201 visitors) that is outstanding. So thank you to you all again you really are helping my blog grow and reach the whole world (some countries I have never heard of). I had mentioned doing a special edition blog post as a thank you for getting to the 10,000 mark and this is being discussed with a close videographer friend but it definitely needs to happen now with these figures.


So what have I been up to that I have abandoned my blog – this is only in the forefront as I do check my blog stats, etc daily. I have been a busy bee with my new wee beautiful puppy Opie getting my body magic (exercise) with long walks and of course getting plenty of cuddles. Although from the below picture you won’t believe me about the exercise bit. He is so adorable though.


Opie living the life

There may be some of you that won’t like dressing a dog in clothes but I swear I have a Scottish dog that hates cold weather and rain – go figure eh! If you’re on instagram check out #Opiesadventures to see what we get up to.

We have also been hosting the past couple of weeks with my in-laws coming to visit from Nigeria, this has kept us very busy and very active, especially with our gorgeous niece and handsome nephews. We have loved every minute of it though and spending time with the kids is just making me want a baby so much more. Mad woman I know…


In this time I have also been away for work, we had a wedding where I had to make the wedding cake. STRESSED…. I have never made a wedding cake before and baking has always been just a hobbie. A hobbie I haven’t really done since starting slimming world – for obvious reasons. But my friend Robbie that asked me to do the cake is such an amazing guy I couldn’t say no and I am so happy now it’s done that I did do it. It made him very happy for a friend to do it (he always loved my cakes) and it turned out lovely.

So even with the hectic past few weeks my eating has not been the greatest with working away, eating loads of yummy Nigerian food, take away’s and of course some wedding cake, but last night I went to get weighed and woop woop lost 0.5lb! Well I be damned I was so shocked and before I stood on the scales I was going on like I was in a confession stand with Father Slimming World. Must have been all the running about I done. Definitely an amazing few weeks, especially spending time with our family from Nigeria which is something we never get to do.

So that’s my life story done for this blog post. Thanks again for all the love and support guys, it really does mean the world to me.

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