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Non Scale Weight Loss Achievements

Tonight at my Slimming World class one of my wee fellow members said to me about getting more blog posts on here. So with this in mind and the fact I put on 2.5lb tonight (I’m not annoyed or upset I was way, way, way off plan), this blog post is thanks to Karen and my lack of success on the scales.

We focus so much on what the scales say and why not it’s visible proof isn’t it. But from my experience and speaking to so many other fellow dieters sometimes your body lies… Well I say lies but what I mean is your body is a super machine and as such some the bodily functions may not show your hard work on the scales. Through exercise or maybe illness your body may retain excess fluid. Then again with exercise you may be turning your fat into muscle. And yes 1lb of muscle does not weigh more that 1lb of fat but if you look at them the density of the muscle, it shows that it’s smaller than that of the same weight of fat. What’s the none scale achievement here; looking trimmer, slimmer and looking good in that dress, or top. Feeling good in yourself is always better than a number. There has been weeks where I’ve put on weight but feel trimmer around my face and neck area. I swear to you these weeks I go from feeling like a penguin to more like a bloody giraffe.

Take note of these achievements and be proud. I have had them pleasure of experiencing quite few non scale related achievements and here’s a list of my top ones:

1. Being able to do fun activities with my friends and family. Like last year before my sister went off to France to work we took one of my little brothers to Loch Lomond Shores. They wanted to hire a pedalo and I silently started to freak because I would never of fitted into the standard life coats before. The guy at the stand encouraged me to put it on. So I did and it fit me. I was so over joyed, had a blast with my siblings and got some exercise pedalling away on the water. Major Achievement for me, so much so I got a pic taken.

2. Again this achievement is about doing fun stuff. I have always loved roller coasters and all fun fair rides that give you an adrenaline rush but had not been on any for over 5years because of how embarrassed I got trying to squeeze into some at Alton Towers. But last year I went to the fair ground with my family and my brother wanted to go on them but nobody would go with him. I didn’t want him to miss out so I went and asked the guy did he think I would fit. Embarrassing but it was for my brother. Low and behold I got on no bother at all and got to enjoy my little brother (who’s over 6ft)  squealing high pitch like a wee woman. Another Major Achievement- I was buzzing and that wasn’t all to do with my adrenaline rush from the ride.

3. This will be a popular one with many of us. Getting an aeroplane belt to fit without a seat belt extender. No embarrassment of asking the airline staff for the extender infront of a plane full of strangers. Started my holiday off with a bang.

4. More energy and no back pain. At my heaviest sometimes the easiest of tasks left me with severe back pain. I would have to keep going to sit for a couple of minutes about 3 – 4 times whilst cooking dinner. Not anymore and my energy level has increased tremendously and I am still a big girl. Even as much as reaching my bloody toe nails to paint them – scabby toes no more… That’s a good result for all involved I believe. Hehe…

5. Feeling good going out with my friends. For long enough I tried to avoid as many nights out as I could. People can be rude shits to be honest. I would spend time getting all done up and feel worse than I did before I got ready. Now I love getting ready and whilst I still have a load of lumps and bumps, I feel good, I feel more comfortable and this let’s me let my hair down and enjoy myself with my friends. I had become more of an introvert before I joined Slimming World but now I feel like my old self again.

6. On the right track to having our baby. I’ve written blog posts before about my PCOS and Hashimoto thyroiditis. With this I had severe periods that would last months and then I could go months without them. Through Slimming World I have been told by my doctor that even though I still have cysts in my ovaries, I no longer have the syndrome as they have decreased in size. PCOS is something someone with a healthy BMI can have, there is no cure but they do recommend a healthy diet can help with this. Then my periods are regular and yay they are normal…. My doctor is keeping me within the hospital circuit for when I get to the correct weight to receive help from them to conceive I won’t need to get referred and be on a long waiting list but he believes because of the drastic changes in my body I should conceive naturally. This is the most Amazing Achievement of all…. To have that glimmer of hope that we may achieve our dreams of becoming parents is priceless…

7. This blog is an achievement I am very proud of. I would never have been able to do this before – NEVER. It was really difficult for me to write my first posts and put myself out there but I wouldn’t change it for anything in the world now. It’s an outlet for me, it’s like my own recipe book when I forget how I made something I come back here and what is really an amazing achievement is the people that have reached out to me through this: it has all been worth while sharing my life with you.

8. Last but certainly not least my husband. There’s obvious achievements in our relationship like enjoying sex more. But my biggest achievement with my husband is and has always been the love I feel from him regardless of how big I have been. He continues to support me, encourage me and his happiness when I come home happy with my weight loss is as though he lost it himself. We are achieving this as a team.

My journey will continue and so will my achievements. We all will; so enjoy them, soak them up and keep achieving.

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  1. I love that you’re celebrating your non-scale victories! I personally have come to see them for myself as more important than the scale could ever be because they dig a little deeper and they cover more areas of life. Keep up all the hard work, it sounds like you’re doing great! x


    July 24, 2017
    • Thank you very much, it is so Important to look outside the box at times. Xxx


      July 24, 2017

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