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Low Syn CHOCOLATE Snack!!!

Well I just had to share this…. Last night I was doing some shopping and bumped into a childhood friend and he gave me one of these (he had a bag full. Lol!) So this morning I took it out my bag; it has three segments, so I shared it with two of my lovely colleagues and OMG it was chocolate heaven. It tastes similar to a Ferrero Roche and I admit I only checked the syn value after eating it – this is a slimming world SIN. Always try to check the syn value prior to shoving it in your gub to protect your weight loss.

To our delight it is only 5 syns for the bar…. 5 syns! I do believe I could happily have a segment at a time over a day as it is chocolate heaven and I would probably throw up if I ate all of it at once. What is it??? Oh I know I’m teasing you just now – what a bitch eh? Hehe.

Well without further a-do it’s a Nutella Ferrero B-Ready Bar (19.1g)….

Image result for Ferrero Nutella Ferrero, B-Ready (19.1g bar)

If like me you love your sweet stuff I highly recommend this low syn delicious treat and in comparison to your standard chocolate bars that average between around 10 -12.5 syn’s a bar this is a God send.

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  1. sorry to say these are actually 5.5 syns but still worth it


    September 1, 2017
    • Hi Kelly they may have changed the size of it and this is the change in syn count as the bars I bought were around 19g per bar and 22g for the 5.5 syn count now. Either way I completely agree they are worth that extra half of a syn (especially if you get they extra grams of deliciousness). Thank you very much for bringing this to my attention. My syns seem to run away with themselves some day and I like to try and be on top of them when I’m not misbehaving. lol!


      September 1, 2017
      • Cathy #

        How do you work out syns for products? I cannot find these bars on the SW website. Thanks.


        October 27, 2017
      • If you go by information on the box and enter it into the syn calculator on the SW website.


        October 27, 2017

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