Low Syn CHOCOLATE Snack!!!

Well I just had to share this…. Last night I was doing some shopping and bumped into a childhood friend and he gave me one of these (he had a bag full. Lol!) So this morning I took it out my bag; it has three segments, so I shared it with two of my lovely colleagues and OMG it was chocolate heaven. It tastes similar to a Ferrero Roche and I admit I only checked the syn value after eating it – this is a slimming world SIN. Always try to check the syn value prior to shoving it in your gub to protect your weight loss.

To our delight it is only 5 syns for the bar…. 5 syns! I do believe I could happily have a segment at a time over a day as it is chocolate heaven and I would probably throw up if I ate all of it at once. What is it??? Oh I know I’m teasing you just now – what a bitch eh? Hehe.

Well without further a-do it’s a Nutella Ferrero B-Ready Bar (19.1g)….

Image result for Ferrero Nutella Ferrero, B-Ready (19.1g bar)

If like me you love your sweet stuff I highly recommend this low syn delicious treat and in comparison to your standard chocolate bars that average between around 10 -12.5 syn’s a bar this is a God send.

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