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Operation Stop Being a Greedy Bitch…

So here it is I got weighed last night and put 2.5lbs on! Was so gutted, I did have a couple of bad moments but for the most part I did pull myself right back. I chose not to stay at class because my head was all over the place. The struggles of a diet eh – it messes with your head.

'So you think a little glitter on my eyelids would send out the wrong message?'

Time to put on my war paint and go at it!

Today I have woken up and thought ‘get a grip, it is time to get your ass in gear’. I am going to give Slimming World another month but I need to try and give it my all because it is a plan that works amazingly but sometimes your body can become used to a lifestyle change. So if I give it my all and I am still left gutted then maybe I will need to try something else. This is my plan of action and what I am going to do this week; when I get weighed again next Thursday we will see if the below makes a difference.

  • Cook New Food: I love cooking and I really love learning to cook new food. So today I have created a wee word document with ideas I have. I have also researched online for some lovely looking FRESH Asian recipes that I plan on trying to make Slimming World friendly, I’ve been on Ebay to order my spices for this. So keep an eye open for all my new recipes to follow.
  • Food Diary: I am going to keep track of what I eat all day and that will include me taking pictures of what I have eaten. So I can put my weekly menu on here next week if I have a successful week.
  • Be Mindful of What Goes in the Gub: Too often I forget about some of the synful stuff I eat. I bought a syn counter to wear everyday to count up what I eat. I’ve just been attaching this to my zip, top, keys, etc. I bought mine from Ebay and I have to admit since starting to use it, it has made me more mindful of what syns I have. The same idea as a food dairy it makes you think about what you are eating if you need to count it. The benefit of the counter is you can still keep count even if you don’t have your food diary on you. (as long as you remember to lift your counter! :-P)DSC_0332
  • Have Plenty of Speed: For all the non Slimming World goers speed is fruit and veg that helps with burning fat – like green veg (broccoli, spinach, kale, etc), mushrooms, onions, apples, oranges, etc. Be mindful though there is quite a few that are only free on Slimming World. So for instance this morning for breakfast I had a fruit salad (1 orange, 1 grapefruit and 1 pomegranate). All speed excluding the pomegranate. Yummy….DSC_0330
  • Exercise: I always try and keep myself active which has recently been doing a lot of work in my garden but if the weather here in Scotland permits I will be going back on my long walks.

Fingers crossed it all goes to plan and I have a lots of yummy recipes and a weekly food plan to share with you all next week.

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