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Has Anyone Seen My Mojo???

I have been absolutely rubbish in updating my blog recently and it’s not because I am trying to avoid you all. I have just strayed way off plan. I must be honest I am really struggling to find that drive, that desire and THAT MOJO that I had!!!

It’s so easy to fall off track for me this time it was a group of 4 birthday celebrations, a hen do and a holiday – one right after the other. So unlike when I started Slimming World I allowed myself to enjoy the alcohol, the food and the celebrations. You work so hard you deserve too right?

The problem with this is I allowed myself to come off track and I cannot seem to find my way back. I have tried to to reign it back, I’ve tried to inspire myself, I’ve tried giving myself that brutal talk and I’ve done plenty before and now pics but none of it is helping. From the six stone award I received I have gained 11lbs. I can talk a good talk but finding it so easy to eat shit. I have the best reason ever to lose weight (to have a mini me) so why is it such a struggle to get back to this??? I am still going to class every week because I know if I don’t I risk ending up worse off than when I started.

Unfortunately I fear the pain too much to sew my mouth shut….

Sewn Mouth

So for all my viewers out there – I’m sure most of you have dieted at some point of your lives – WHAT WOULD YOU RECOMMEND? HOW HAVE YOU GOT BACK ON TRACK?

Please don’t hold back any advise you never know you may help someone else too that is struggling like me.

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  1. I have been exactly where you’ve been before many times. It’s how I gained my weight back last year after working so hard to lose much of it. Motivation is a pain in the ass, and by the sounds of it you know this. What I find helps me is being even more regimented when my motivation is lacking. I write EVERYTHING down and I’ll even schedule workouts like meetings. Being strict and planning a lot has allowed me to fall back into good habits after some time and then I can relax once more.

    I also have found recently that non-food related rewards (outfits, lipstick, a trip to the movies, etc.) can go a long way to keep me focused. I like to do things where I saw “if I stick with this plan for ## days I can by myself x” and that helps me push through.

    All that being said I still struggle with motivation and sometimes I fall off the wagon too, I try to keep the mentality that one bad day doesn’t have to turn into a bad week, just try to cut it short. I hope some of this helps! Keep your head up, it’s a hard journey but you can do it!


    June 10, 2017
    • Aw so much help in that comment! 😘 thank you.

      It is such a pain in the ass this motivation malarkey. 😂 I have actually this week been doing a food diary in the hope if I need to write it down then I need to think if I want it in my mouth. 😂

      Here’s hoping for a good result this Thursday. Fingers and toes crossed.


      June 10, 2017

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