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Low Syn Blueberry and White Chocolate Chocolate Cheesecake

I have thought for long how do I make dessert that is low syn – so the easiest way is to use your healthy extra A and B in it…. If you plan your meal around this then you only count it as 1 syn…. Thats right I said 1 syn

 This is subtly sweet cheese cake with the bases tasting quite malty. The base won’t have the same crunch as using digestive biscuits. It is a nice base though and for the low syn count it is a worthy slimmers dessert.


2 x tubs of philadelphia lightest

250ml fat free natural Greek yoghurt
4 x sachets options white chocolate hot chocolate 

200g grapenut (serial)


8 gelatine leaves

100ml boiled water


  1. For the base you want to blitz the grapenut in a food processor then mix with 100ml of the fat free natural yoghurt and 50ml cold water. Place in the mixture in you base and even out. If you have grease proof paper I’d put this down first or grease the base with 2 syns worth of butter and no more. 
  2. Place the base in the fridge to set.
  3. In a bowl mix the philadelphia with the hot chocolate sachets and 150ml of the yoghurt. Taste the mixture and if you want it sweeter then add sweetener but be sure to add this to your total syn count. 
  4. You then want to soak the gelatine leaves in cold water for 5 minutes and then squeeze the water out. 
  5. Put 100ml if boiled water into a small pot and put on the cooker on the lowest heat. Add the leaves sheet by sheet and stir. Once all dissolved slowly add to the dissolved gelatine to the philadelphia mixture you’ve made. 
  6. Pour the whole mixture on to the base of the cheesecake. Then add Blueberries in. 
  7. Put in the fridge to set for a few hours. 

You can serve this with strawberries. Delicious…..

With it being Easter make it a two syn cake and add a mini egg. Festive….

If you want some chocolate indulgence and to sweeten the cake up then muller light chocolate fix salted caramel yoghurt at 4.5 syns are delicious and to be a fancy pants pipe it across the whole cake in any design and your still only enjoying a slice if cheesecake at 1.5 syns. 

If you noticed the ingredients 1 slice is only half of your healthy extra A and B so you could enjoy another slice with minimum syns or grab yourself a hifi bar and cup of tea. 


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