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An Absolutely Delicous Simple and Healthy Meal

Boiled, crushed baby potatoes, with bruschetta mix, wild rocket, parma ham, parmasan and dressed in balsamic vinegar. Believe me it is tasty,filling and very pleasing to the taste buds. 

It’s also very simple to make and this whole plate was only 2 syns (1/2 syn per slice of parma ham). I first had similar to this at I think it’s called ‘spud like’ and it is a fantastic alternative to a baked potato. 

I only altered it by removing the pine nuts that i got with it in the shop and then this time to bulk up the veg ‘speed food’ I added my own wee bruschetta mix. It’s packing with flavour and also balsamic vinegar because I love the stuff. 

What you need: 

Baby potatoes (salad potatoes)

Parma ham

Wild rocket

Parma san

Balsamic vinegar

Vine tomatoes

Garlic clove

Dried or fresh basil


So quite simply boil the potatoes with the skin on and when ready crush them. Scoop out some for the base and add some balsamic vinegar and parmasan. If like me your doing a healthy eating plan like Slimming World measure you cheese so you don’t affecr your weight loss.

Like I said I love balsamic vinegar…. 

Then add the wild rocket, parma ham and then I added my bruschetta mix and a sprinkle of parmasan. 

For the bruschetta I chopped up 2 vine tomotoes, chopped up 1 garlic clove and added this to the tomato with a drizzle of balsamic vinegar, 1tsp dried basil (I didn’t have any fresh) and some salt to season. 

Really this is a great meal and you can have it for lunch or dinner. 


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