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Friday Night Fake Away – Chicken Hoagie

Oooft I do love a fake away. This is a Scottish favourite. It does have quite a few elements but it isn’t a difficult recipe. 

I won’t put how to cook the chips here, I do have another post with how I make my own chipshop version chips. 

Chicken ingredients: 

350g chicken breast

1 tsp Red food dye powder

1 tblspn Tikka seasoning

1 green bell pepper

5 large mushrooms



Cut the chicken into cubes, quarter the mushrooms and chop the pepper into quite big chunks. Mix in a bowl and sprat with some frylite then add the red food dye and tikka seasoning, mix it well. Add to a tray for the oven and spray with more frylite. Put in a pre heated oven (160°) for around 30 mins. 

Salad ingredients:
1/4 cabbage

1/2 white onion

3 vine tomatoes

1/2 cucumber

1 tsp mint sauce

Lemon juice



Thinly slice the onion, cabbage, tomato and cucumber. Salt the tomato and cucumber and mix with the onion and cabbage. Add the mint sauce and lemon juice and mix well. For the lemon juice I use fresh lemon juice in the bottle – I gave it a good squirt. 

For the kebab sauce there are two ways and will depend on how many syns you have left for the day. The best one is mixing tomato ketchup, mint sauce, a little chilli powder and a splash of milk – mix well. The sauce should be quite thick. It’s amazing…. This is how I made mine tonight.

A skinnier version is by mixing tomato puree, a splash of milk with mint sauce, a little chilli powder and a little sweetner. The exact amount is different for how many people and for your own preference. I would say play about. 

For the garlic mayo I used lighter than light mayo and added garlic granules. Again make it to your preference.

You want to plate your chips, top with some mozzerella cheese, then the cooked chicken and veg served with your salad and choice of sauce. 

The chips are free, the chicken is free with speed veg thrown in, the salad is 1/2 syn for the whole bowl and all speed veg, the cheese you can you your healthy extra A for the day and the sauce will be syn worthy depending on what you go for but it’s one hell of a fakeaway and not at all as bad for you in comparison to the real deal.

Tell you what tastes like the reall deal and this is a family pleaser…. Even with my teenage brother. He scoffed his.

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