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And it’s finally over…..

The day is here and I wasn’t as dramatic as I thought I would be…. I didn’t have my first bit of sugar (hmmmm. chocolate) at 00:01 no it was 09:21 today. It was a Creme Egg oh God how I have dreamt of that wee egg… It was so tasty that the back of my jaw had that wee tingling sensation and my mouth was watering as I ate it but like a split second after I had finished my chocolatey goodness I felt sick. LMAO…. Sods law but I still loved it.

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Then my lovely colleague has made me carrot cake to celebrate completing my sugar-free month and I have had to run and get a bit as my manager kept coming out the kitchen with his mouth stuffed with my cake….. I am one for sharing but that is like helping yourself to a birthday cake before the candles are lit or like when Ross in Friends ate the cake at the leaving party in his apartment block. What makes it worse is my manager is a skinny git….. Either way I had a piece  and it was delicious and I feel sick again.

I did think I would be buzzing by now like my colleagues bedside drawer with my sugar rush but not so far.

My last week of sugar-free was not too bad other than itching to get to the finishing line – my ladies day out wasn’t bad either. For lunch I had a lovely dressing free salad (with a side of fries) and even had sugar-free cocktails. The staff in the Slug & Lettuce in Glasgow where so accommodating and even brought the mixer for my cocktail to read the packaging and thank God it was sugar free – which led to an afternoon of bitter but sugar free Tom Collins. I did really enjoy them though.


I was in Subway yesterday and thought I’ll get a wee salad and I was not disappointed – even dressing free it was packing with flavour. So much so I want another one today!!!! Yum yum….


Now that I am no longer sugar-free I am going to make me and my wee vibrating colleague a lovely Slimming World beef in black bean sauce with soy sauce in my bloody egg fried rice…..

Ooft the simple things…

I had a lovely wee email from Cancer Research and I am still taking donations to this amazing cause that helps so many people. If you feel that my struggle was worth a couple of £ from your hard-earned cash then you can donate by clicking on the below link!


Thanks for the support and donations received so far…. You’ll never really know just how much it really means to me.

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