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1 week to go…..

Last night I found myself staring at a bar of chocolate and telling it ‘I’m gonna eat you in a week’.

The struggles real people….. pmsl!

It’s the last week to the home run and I still can’t believe how much sugar is in the shit we eat. I have faced some new challenges the past week and toughest to date was baking my niece a birthday cake – not even as much as having a slice but not being able to taste the icing to make sure the natural food dye hadn’t tainted the taste, washing my hands what felt like every two seconds so I didn’t lick my fingers when I got cake mixture on them. Then the excess cake that I cut off – my hubby, sister, friend and other niece all standing munching away saying how lovely it was. It was a struggle not to punch them in the throat so they couldn’t eat it.


All that sugar and I resisted

As much as it has been a struggle I am proud I have stuck with it – even as much as making a Slimming World fake away on Saturday night. My egg fried rice I found out soy sauce has sugar in it. I have to admit the devil in me thought just add a bit nobody will know as it does get frustrating that it feels like EVERYTHING HAS SUGAR IN IT…. but the fact that this is for Cancer Research – my inner devil was put back in its place.


I did survive and still enjoy my soy sauce free dinner…

I did find out last night that pickled onion Space Raiders are sugar-free…. I read the ingredients about 3 times to be sure – there is a small amount of sugars but this will be a natural sugar as no refined sugar was labelled.

I’ve also tried sugar-free sweets (Rhubarb & Custard) from Aldi and Marks & Spencer’s. They are also 1/2 syn per sweet which is a good alternative to curb a sweet craving. They do have a variety of flavours also.


People have asked if I will continue with sugar-free in March and the short answer is NO. It’s really limited a lot of things I can even have for free on Slimming World like baked beans, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce, some pickles and gherkins, etc. Honestly thank God for natural sugars or I would have been living on DUST for a month.


A lot of being sugar free has been mind over matter. That whole you can’t have it so you want it 100 times more. For instance my husband ate a snickers and I smelt it on his breath – he thought I wanted a kiss because I was trying to sniff his mouth… I’ve been on Slimming World for just over a year and have never done this before. Lmao. Sniffer dog comes into mind..


Anyway back to the real reason I am doing this other than to be a moany faced git, cancer research and I am still hoping to get some more donations for this worthy cause….. If your feeling generous donations can be made through the below link.

Thanks all…


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