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Slimming World Salt & Chilli Crispy Chicken


This was my first love with SW fake aways, it’s a major pleaser also with everyone at home.

Like most SW recipes I have slightly adapted it along the way to suit my tastes. There’s a couple of Slimming World ‘political’ point about this though:

  • the smash for the ‘bread crumb effect should be seen as a tweak, this wasn’t always the case but is now.
  • if you are having curry sauce – for the above I used Yeungs and there is such a massive debate about this particular sauce being 40 odd syns a pack but I have umpteen times ran it through the calculator on the SW page and it comes up as 7.5 syns for the pack.

What I will say for the two points above is I have been using and doing both from the very beginning of me starting Slimming World and in the first 10 weeks I lost 3 stone 2lb. What works for some may not work for others and sometimes your best just to syn it to the max just to be safe.

So here we go my version of the recipe:

Salt & Chill Chicken Ingredients:

3 chicken breasts

Smash instant potatoes (cyclinder tub)

1 tsp chilli flakes

1 tsp granulated garlic

1 tsp ground ginger

1 tsp ground white pepper

1/2 tsp chinese five spice

1/2 table salt

1 tsp sea salt

1 – 2 eggs


2 bell pepper’s (mixed colours)

1 onion

2 garlic cloves


Cut the chicken into strips, beat the egg/s in a bowl and then add the chicken.

Take the tub of smash and add the ginger, granulated garlic, only 1/2 tsp of the ground white pepper, the table salt and chilli flakes. Give it a good shake – with the lid on! 😛

Pour some of the smash mix  into a bowl and dip the eggy chicken in and coat. I would say do the smash bit by bit and don’t pour too much out as the egg makes the excess smash start to swell and go clumpy. You won’t use all the smash mixture but it just means you’ll have some made up for the next time you make this.

Once all of the chicken is coated I then spray with frylite and cook in my air fryer for about 15 mins – you can cook this is an oven and as it’s just small strips you can cook this on a higher heat and it should cook all the way through.

Whilst the chicken is cooking sliced the onion and peppers, cut the garlic cloves in half and in a medium sized pot sprayed with frylite cook them off – you can add more chilli’s if you like things really hot. I normally cook mine that the peppers can still hold their shape but are soft with a slight crisp to bite into.

Then I add the cooked chicken mix that all up and add the chinese five spice, the remaining white pepper and the sea salt. Try and evenly sprinkle this across it all and again give it a good mix.

Hey presto jobs a good ‘un…..

I serve mine with SW chips and/ or egg fried rice. Depends on how much of a gannet I am…

For my egg fried rice I cook off my rice and then in a separate frying pan I spray with frylite and crack two eggs in and scramble them about until the bottom is cooking well but the top is still a bit runny. Add in the rice bit by bit and mix well to get that egg right through the rice. Cook for a few minutes and then add some dark soy sauce through. Mix it up and it’s ready to serve.

This is a tasty fake away, so enjoy!


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