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Slimming World Chips that taste like Chip Shop chips…..


The past few times I have made SW chips they have tasted just like chip shop chips and they were lovely and they’re syn free.

The difference with these isn’t the type of potatoes I have used but rather just how I made them. I normally always par boiled my potatoes and then cook them in my air fryer and they are nice but can be quite crispy and sometimes don’t cook all the way through.

Recently though I accidentally forgot I was boiling them and they ended up fulling boiled, I had also cut them chunkier so they kept the shape and weren’t falling apart. I drained them, shook them about, then I sprayed them with frylite and put them in the air fryer. Let them cook half way and shook them about and sprayed with more frylite then put back in to fully cook.

If you really love chip shop chips like me with loads of salt and vinegar buy the traditional chip shop vinegar and it only adds to the taste.

This is what I have done the past few times with the same results each time….

Tasty is an understatement, plus you feel naughty but they’re free….

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