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Half Way There – Sugar Free Feb…..

Day 14 of my Sugar Free Feb – half way there! Woop woop……

I thought as it went on it would get easier for me to do but no it’s getting bloody harder and I have came across some challenges so far.

I have had a few tests thrown my way like alcohol (vodka is sugar free), I went to a party and I was petrified of the thought of the buffet (thank God for the crudities and cold meat platters), I also found out pitta bread is sugar free (I had a bacon and egg pitta for brekky for my hangover following the sugar free vodka) and then the past few days I kid you not all I want is a Cadbury’s Creme Egg and I’ve found myself sitting thinking of all the stuff I want when March comes. I’ve tried to compensate the lack of sugary snacks with the likes of peanuts or salted crisps but I am shit scared of over stepping that mark that I eat too many high in fat products that are still really bad on Slimming World and will ruin my weightloss.


I mean come on… It’s chocolate porn…

For instance last night I was in the local supermarket and I spent about 20mins reading the ingredient list of snacks to see what I can have, I ended up picking up a six pack of Peperami and when in the queue to pay I about turned and put them back after standing debating with myself whether or not I should just do it. I am glad I didn’t give into temptation because I really don’t want to swap one vice for another.

Part of me is wondering if I am coming up to my ‘star’ week – my fellow slimming world lovelies will know what I mean by this. For all non slimming world peeps ‘it’s a ladies time of the month’ (said in a stilted manner like your mouthing something to someone across a room and you don’t want anyone else to hear). My reason for believing this star week is approaching is I could quite literally bathe in a bath of molten, smooth chocolate. I always get this way….. So this has been a massive challenge to stay clear of the chocolatey goodness.

Another massive challenge is SUGAR IS IN JUST ABOUT EVERYTHING. I’m not naive and I did think there would be quite a lot of things with refined sugar as an ingredient but by God not this much. I was making Spag Bol the other day and I always put Worcestershire sauce in – luckily I think because everywhere I go I’m reading ingredient labels I read this and yes added sugar. I have been so focused I would have been gutted if I put this in. But as I have found out most sauces/ condiments do have sugar in them. Hot Sauce doesn’t though! I may end up with an asbestos tongue but I can flavour my food in Feb! Result….


I did however find a pesto sauce last night that is sugar free and I hastily bought it as I wanted to make tuna pasta and mayo has sugar in it. Then when at home I thought I better check the syn value and this tiny 190g jar was 26 syns…… Are you kidding me – that’s why you should always check, now this wee jar will be sat in my cupboard teasing me….


Some lifesavers though have been the below – gave me a sweet taste in my mouth with no sugar and low in syns:



I’m also starting to miss my Muller lights but the other day I had no fat natural yoghurt with a full pomegranate and I loved it. Other positives from the sugar free diet is I haven’t been getting bloated like I did. That’s a very big positive.

Then there’s emptying thee old bowels – not a pleasant thought I admit but there will be so many dieters out there not just my slimming World ‘bum chums’ that will agree how difficult it is at times to do a shit. I read a post on a Slimming World group Facebook page that I follow asking other members;

‘Does anybody else piss like a donkey but shit like a hamster?’

I admit I found myself sat there alone raising my hand and agreeing. And that question has stuck with me. lol! I’m not sure if it’s the refined sugar not being in my diet causing that or if it’s certain foods that have sugar added that I am no longer eating. But anyway this is another very big positive.

There’s also my skin – I have hashimoto thyrioditis and this can affect the rate my body heals at. Running up to my last ‘star week’ I had a massive out break of spots in a couple of areas, and they weren’t healing at all. In the past week there’s been a massive improvement – another very big positive.

Then the fundraising aspect has been not bad I am currently up to £220 with online donations and my sponsor form. A massive positive to be able to raise money for such a great cause! 😀

So half way there and battling on…..

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