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Sugar Free February…

sugar free badge.png

So this month I am doing Sugar Free Feb for Cancer Research. Cancer Research is a great cause anyway so anything I can raise is going to a fantastic charity.

I have to admit though I hadn’t fully realised what I couldn’t have. I was thinking shouldn’t differ ‘too’ much from Slimming World – I already make my own meals from scratch, my sugar intake has dramatically decreased the past year, yeah it will be hard but I can do it.

Then after exclaiming to my Slimming World class I was going to do this I started to realise simple things with SW I cannot have for a month like tomato ketchup, hifi bars, Muller Lights, some brown bread, etc. I don’t even have the option of just syning it……

[End of dramatic scene] I will soldier on and I will complete this. Fingers crossed it gives me a good weight loss boost in Feb. Every cloud has a silver lining and losing extra lbs would just be a bonus to raising cash for the good fight!!!!

If you can or would like then you can donate through my online fundraising page:

I’ll try to keep you all posted on the battle of the sweet tooth…




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