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Slimmer Doodles

These ones are pretty self explanatory…… 😀


I think of a bag of chips and I’m like the Nutty Professor weight appearing out of nowhere….


You’ve all heard them – all they drink is full fat pop and cannot drink anything else…. When your taste buds can adapt I used to be a full fat pop, sugar and milk in my tea & coffee drinker. Now from doing SW I drink black tea and coffee with no sugar or sweetener and drink pop of the diet variety. Now believe me; I was at one point someone that only wanted to drink full fat pop and had two sugars in my hot beverage. Now I can’t stand having milk in my coffee…. You can do it if you bear with it.


Before Slimming World I was a frequent flyer and now your lucky if I empty thee old bowels once to twice a week. I get so bloated and the wind – jeezo….. My hubby said they don’t need nuclear bombs just take me when I’m backed up. He loves me really, lol!

Trying to lose weight isn’t fun but you can always find humour in most things.

Hope you like them! 😀

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