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Doodling my frustrations…

Recently I have through my weight loss journey frustrations, imagining these frustrations and a lot of the time fears and illusions as wee sketches. So I have decided when I feel this way I am going to sketch them out kinda David Shrigley style, with my humour added into the mix and I’ll post them on here…

Excuse my drawing although I did study fine art I haven’t drawn in a while, they should improve if I keep up the practice….

evolutionFear of the saggy skin, I just keep thinking I’ll get to a size 10 and my belly and my boobs will be a major droopy mess….


I bought a dress for my slimming world ball and I looked front ways in the mirror and thought WOW this is flattering. Then I turned to the side and it was as if the dress and pulled all my side flab in to have a party with the middle flab…


One night whilst I was lying in bed I¬†lifted my leg up and as I clearly found out it was a flattering angle because when I moved my leg to get a better view of my calf I was like ‘fuck what happened’.

Hope they resonate with some of you! That way I’m not alone….

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