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Syn free, guilt free Hash Browns 

This recipe is a life saver if you love a bit of carbs with your cooked breakfast.
They can even be enjoyed as a snack or with your dinner. I made them in place of my 6 sync potato scone (or potato cake for some of my southern friends)


6 x medium potatoes 

4 x spring onions

2 x eggs

10 x tblspn smash (instant mash potato)

1 x tblspn onion granules 

1/2 tsp garlic granules


Sea salt and ground white pepper to season

#topic: use fresh garlic and fresh onion to add extra speed food into these tasty treats. But becareful they do have a stronger taste. 


Peel the potatoes and trim back spring onions. I use an electric grater so I put the potatoes and spring onions in the grater together. Finely chopping them is a perfect alternative. 

Then whisk the eggs in a separate bowl and add the grated mix and stir. Then add the smash and mix well. Finally add the onion and garlic granules and the salt & pepper. Mix well and divide into 10 portions, flatten and cook. 

To cook them I used my grill pan and a generous spray of Frylite. I cooked them for 20-25 mins frequently turning them throughout for an even cook. 

Syn free, filling and delicious….

They even go great with a full fat breakfast. 😉

Happy cooking…. 

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