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Cheese stuffed Baby Baked Potatoes

This recipe is ideal for finger food for a buffet and if you use the cheese as your healthy option A in Slimming World they should be ‘syn free’! My favourite two words!!!!


1kg baby potatoes

Philadelphia Soft Cheese Light with Garlic & Herbs (140g)

Co-op Loved by Us Half Fat Mature Cheddar Cheese (45g) – you can use any cheese but if you want to stick with Slimming world then this one is put down for this purpose.

Frylite (optional)

salt & pepper


put all of the in a pre-heated (180 degrees) oven until they are baked – you can spray them with frylite to bake them but this is optional. Leave them to cool and once cool cut them in half. You then want to scoop out the potato and put this in a bowl for the filling. You should scoop enough to leave you with a small lining of potato and the potato skin.

For the filling you want to add the soft cheese to the potato in the bowl, season with the salt and pepper and mash into a smooth consistency. Then fill your potato halves with the mixture. Grate and sprinkle the mature cheddar over the top and put them back in the oven (180 degrees). I normally leave them in there for 15 mins.

They are delicious and just a pleaser at buffets, you can change the flavour of cheese you use or buy a plain soft cheese and create your own flavour.

With the cheese used a third of the above would be a single persons healthy option A and make this syn free, if you have had your HEA then you would need to syn the cheese.


(I will add a pic soon – I thought I had one on my mobile)



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