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Veg Samosa’s


Enjoy as a snack, a starter or add it to your buffet

Well I do love this recipe, this is one of my very own that I stood in the kitchen for hours playing about to see how I could make a ‘Slimming World’ version of samosa’s.  What’s better is that its syn free! 🙂



lasagne sheets

500g Potatoes

1 x tbsp. Curry powder

1 x Lemon (juice)



3 tbsp. Fat free natural yoghurt

Salt & Pepper



Boil then mash the potatoes, then add the natural yoghurt, curry powder, veg, lemon juice and season with the salt & pepper to taste. Mix it together well and try some to see if it is to your taste – you may find you want to add more curry powder, salt/ pepper, etc. Now put this to the side……

You’re now in a pot of boiling water part boil the lasagne sheets enough that you can fold them. Be careful this part is hot; also be wary as the sheets can stick together. For this I just use tongs and keep adjusting them in the pot to avoid this.

So now for the folding, I have used a rectangular post it to show how I fold my lasagna sheets to a triangular shape.

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

When all prepared spray with the Frylite and place in a pre heated oven (180 degrees) until they go golden and start to crisp. Turn then over to cook the other side.



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