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My fear of saggy skin…..

Even though my main aim for losing weight is for a baby it will be nice to be able to buy an outfit and to look as good in it as I do in my creative -runs away with itself- head. I am absolutely petrified though of becoming a mass of loose, saggy skin.

All those close to me hear this a lot from me. Especially my poor husband whilst I’m getting ready for bed I sit there pointing at all these areas that I have convinced myself has lost all elasticity….  (I am my own worst enemy)

For months now for this reason I have been exercising to not only hopefully boost my weight loss but to hopefully ‘tone as I go’. Exercise can be such a fickle thing and so it’s important to get the best exercise that suits you as an individual, that way I feel you enjoy it more and you stick to it.

I try different things and whilst I’ll exercise at home, go for walks, I do clubbercise and the wii. I have found I best respond to exercise when I’m loving it and it becomes part of me.

For me this has become Zumba…..  I don’t know there’s something about adding in some hip movement that makes it feel less like exercise and more like fun. But don’t get me wrong it is a workout, your panting, sweating and left looking forward to the next class.

Zumba is something I have wanted to try out for years but felt too anxious and insecure to do it. My instructor also attends my slimming world class and I guess this made me feel more at ease about going. I felt I wouldn’t be judged and Mel our instructor is amazing, she’s fun and by God she’s bloody energetic -even more after a night on the booze-. She pushes me to do what I can to get my weight loss, if she sees your struggling with certain songs or exercises she’ll simplify for you so that your still exercising and sometimes she’s having so much fun she misses some of the moves or gets them mixed up. But do you know what that only makes me more comfortable going and shaking my flabulous self. I am more energetic now, a lot fitter (not quite ready for a marathon), my nieces and nephews see a difference in how I run around with them. I do my husbands head in at times with my pain in the ass energetic outbursts (I do secretly enjoy being his pain in the ass).

I have the saggy fear but if I know I’m trying to tackle it before it happens then if it does at least I’ll know I tried and if I didn’t try it could have been a hell of a lot worse.


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