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Gulp….. ‘hello’

For weeks and weeks now I have been contemplating creating this blog. It’s such a huge step for me personally to take to share my story even if it’s just one person that sees it, I’m putting my fears, hopes, dreams and personal information in a ‘Big Brother is watching’ manner of a blog.

Why am I doing this to myself? Why put myself out there if it’s something I have had to make such a big decision about? Well let me tell you…..

I have many different reasons why I got as heavy as I was; like so many people they where both valid reasons and kidding myself on reasons. My valid reasons are health conditions, Poly-cystic ovaries and Hashimoto Thyrioditis to be exact and because of these I was kidding myself on that my lifestyle had absolutely nothing to do with my weight.

I have tried so many diets over the years and when I decided to join Slimming World, my choice to start was one I did not take likely but I knew I had make a difference in my life. So on the 7th January 2016 I started my Slimming World class, I registered and sat in on the class till they where ready to weigh me. Then BOOM there it was like a tonne of bricks hitting me – I weighed 24.5 stone. I was left feeling so low that night. I remember going home and sitting on my sisters bedroom floor so disgusted with myself. I knew it was now or never and I hit the ground running; my first week I lost 7lb and before I knew it in my first 10 weeks I had lost over three stone.

I enjoy the class, I enjoy cooking so it’s ideal and I enjoy the results when sticking to plan. So it’s easy then eh? You’d think so wouldn’t you? Then why have I hit this wall?

Sure I am a silver lining type of girl but since my first 10 weeks I have lost a grand total of 5st 2.5lbs. Whilst I do give myself a pep talk of ‘wow good on you, that’s still a great achievement – well done’…… pat on the back. The thing is I know the reason my weight loss has slowed down is because I am not as focused as I was in January and this could be because of all the big events since March: holiday, my 30th birthday celebrations (that went on for what felt like a month), hen weekend away, one of my best friends wedding and loads of mini events in between.

I’m not sure why it is exactly I’ve hit this wall and whilst I’m still climbing it -slowly, what I do know is I want and I need my mojo back.  So hense this blog, put myself further out there to hopefully give me the ‘virtual’ kick up the ass I need. After all I have the best reason ever to lose this weight…. It’s not to look hot, it’s not to be a size zero, it’s slightly for my health but most of all it’s to have a baby.

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